I offer advice and guidance on all matters of school improvement including:

  • What works and how to make it happen.
  • Improving outcomes at Key Stage Four.
  • Building on firm foundations –  approaches to Key Stage Three.
  • Closing the gap – what works with Pupil Premium students.
  • Top end performance (and why differentiation isn’t the only answer).
  • Growth mindsets – how to build resilient learners (and the importance of grit).
  • Getting behaviour right – what the most successful schools consistently do.
  • Wellbeing for staff and students – how to build happier, healthier schools.

“It’s all about the quality of teaching.”

Other services include:

  • Support for Senior Leadership Teams on strategic planning (and how best to make the main thing the main thing).
  • Head Teacher performance reviews.
  • Governors – how to provide stronger challenges and support.
  • Middle Leader training – how to make your department more successful (and what success looks like).

In addition I also operate as a PIXL Associate and would be happy to discuss how membership of that organisation might benefit your school, be it primary or secondary.

For more information please contact me.