There are many examples of schools that are turned around successfully but I suspect not quite so many that have been achieved with such a strong set of values that you have embedded at Severn Vale. I always admired your absolute focus on the individual child and your steely determination to ensure that they experienced and achieved the very best that they were capable of.

Mike Cogger, Dean of Applied Sciences, University of Gloucestershire

It has always been refreshing to work with Peter as he champions the reason we came into this profession: to teach! His approach has always been to find a solution and his passion for all schools to be the best they can be is matched by his belief that this only happens when these schools work together.

Gloucestershire Head Teacher

Peter’s leadership has made a significant difference to the lives of thousands of students, hundreds of teachers and many Principals who have benefitted from his wisdom and openness – his drive comes from the fact that he wants every child, regardless of their starting point, to have the very best opportunities in life.

Gloucestershire Head Teacher

Through his leadership Peter has transformed Severn Vale School. We have been recognised as one of the top 100 improved secondary schools in the country. Moreover Peter is a Head who believes that schools are more than exam factories. The wellbeing and happiness of students are at the heart of every decision he makes. He epitomises the philosophy that our role as educators is to develop our students into the best people they can possibly be and his emphasis on making Severn Vale a “happy, healthy school” runs though everything he does, from his unrelenting whole school focus on core values to his absolute belief in every single student in the school upon whom he will never give up.

Taken from nomination for Ted Wragg award for Lifetime Achievement

Best. Head. Ever.

Miles. Year 8